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Spring 2013 Newsletter

In the News - Spring 2013

5/31/2013 - The latest updates at CPM Law.
Ritchey Hollenbaugh is Awarded the Ohio State Bar Association's Highest Honor

Ritchey Hollenbaugh is Awarded the Ohio State Bar Association's Highest Honor

4/5/2013 - At the recent annual meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association in Cleveland, CPM Partner H. Ritchey Hollenbaugh was awarded the Ohio State Bar Association’s highest honor, the Ohio Bar Medal, given for “unusually meritorious service to the legal profession, the community, and humanity.” With this honor, Ritchey joins a very distinguished list of past recipients, including deceased CPM founding partner, Denis Murphy.

Ohio Enacts Concussion Law

4/5/2013 - It’s third down. The ball is on the 5 yard line. 40 seconds to go. We are down by 4. Johnny has been pounded all day by a bruising defense. I call for a sweep off tackle. As Johnny turns the corner, their inside linebacker makes a strong tackle at the 2 yard line. Johnny is slow to get up. He’s battered. I can tell he’s tired and that last hit rung his bell. He looks up and I tell him to run the same play – 3 more yards and we win the game. I may have just broken the law.

Do You Owe an "Employer Shared Responsiblity Payment" for Health Insurance

4/5/2013 - Whether you refer to it as “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)” or “Obamacare,” the comprehensive federal healthcare reform legislation passed in 2009 is voluminous, it is complex, and it is now at the doorstep of your business. Beginning January 1, 2014, certain employers will be required to make “employer shared responsibility payments” to the federal government depending on their structure, and the manner in which they do or do not provide health insurance benefits to their employees. The regulations are still being written, but a few important features of the law are relatively clear, and should be considered as you plan your business moving forward.

Subcontractors: Beware of Shifting Risk on a Project

4/5/2013 - Every day, general contractors are demanding that subcontractors assume more risk on each construction project. In line with the often quoted “food chain theory,” the parties to a construction contract have become increasingly determined to shift certain construction risks to each other all the way down from owner to general contractor; from general contractor to subcontractor; and from subcontractors to lower-tier subcontractors and material suppliers. These conflicting interests among the parties require a subcontractor to be very diligent in protecting its interests and understanding the terms of the subcontract agreement.

Protecting Your Software and Your Code in the Cloud

4/5/2013 - Your hard work and money has paid off, and you have finally developed proprietary code. You own your software and your ideas. But do you know what happens to your software, once you put it in the cloud? Do you still have control? You can have the best license agreement in the world, but if a third party (other than your customer) uses or has access to your software, do they have the same responsibilities as the customer who actually has a license to use it?

Employers Must Soon Comply with Updated OSHA Safety Standard

4/5/2013 - The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recently updated its Hazard Communication Standard, a regulation that dictates the labeling of chemicals to notify users of potential health risks.

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