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Our Culture

Every business has a culture. It is not written down in a company handbook or even talked about much among employees. It is, however, a very real and integral part of Carlile Patchen & Murphy. We are a responsive firm, internally and externally. As a business, we respond to our clients in the best ways we know how, described throughout this Web site. Our firm was built by good lawyers who cared about their clients. Our lawyers today carry on this tradition. As an employer, we do our best to respond to our team members by providing great benefits and a fun, family-friendly work atmosphere. We do not take ourselves too seriously and like to have a good time when the time is right.

Carlile Patchen & Murphy is not your typical law firm. Whereas some firms say this, we live it. Our lawyers have billable hour requirements that are lower than most other firms, and this is intentional. They have lives outside of the practice of law. They have families. They participate in sports, hobbies and community service projects. Our partners are committed to the clients and believe they can best serve them by living a life of balance. We pull this off by operating fiscally conservatively and by taking very good care of our clients and employees. This is our business model, and we believe it is the right way to run a law firm.


"The atmosphere and camaraderie at CPM provides an excellent environment in which to practice law." — John L. Einstein IV

We seek highly talented associates who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and who we believe would thrive in our culture. As a mid-sized business law firm, we seek individuals who would enjoy and, with our help would be successful at, developing their own practice. It is our expectation that every associate we hire will become a partner. Our partners are dedicated to providing adequate training, mentoring, and practice developing projects for every associate.

As an associate, you will not sit behind a desk for years doing research and writing projects. This is an active practice for associates from day one. You will be meeting with clients, attending court hearings, visiting client sites, and gaining the tools and training you need to become a great lawyer and develop your own client base.

Summer Associates

"The CPM summer associate program gives participants real-world experience in the practices of law, high quality legal training, and significant opportunities to make their mark with clients on important matters, all in an environment with a real sense of camaraderie." — Brian S. Stewart, 2010 Summer Associate

Our summer associate program is designed to provide students with a rewarding experience that will better prepare them for life as an attorney. The summer at Carlile Patchen & Murphy gives law students an opportunity to see what life is like in a mid-sized law firm. As with new associates, we offer more than desk work. Summer associates get experience in every practice group and are invited to attend and participate in hearings, depositions, meetings, and trials. A mentor is provided for each summer associate to monitor work load and assignments to ensure maximum exposure.

If you are interested in participating in our summer associate program, please contact: Brigid E. Heid 614.628.0778,

Support Team

"There are really good loyal people at CPM and I would say that is definitely a strength of the firm." — Susan P. Byers, Administrative Assistant, 25 years.

Carlile Patchen & Murphy is a place where people come and spend their entire careers. We recognize that our people are the firm’s greatest asset and the foundation of our success. We are proud that our staff turnover rate has been exceptionally low for many years. The current average tenure of legal secretaries and administrative staff is 12 years.

We are large enough to provide good benefits but small enough that everyone knows your name. Our commitment to our people shows in our generous benefit package, including 401(k) contributions, on-site parking, and a health insurance deductible reimbursement plan, to name a few. It is our goal to provide challenging and rewarding work that is performed in an environment characterized by a healthy balance between work, family and personal and community commitments. Therefore, our staff also enjoys a liberal time-off package including vacation and personal time, summer hour flexibility and other paid opportunities to enjoy time away from the office.

Investing in our team is vital to our practice and is central to the firm’s strength and ongoing success. Our commitment is reflected in our dedicated long-term staff.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to: Sally McCarley, Legal Administrator