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Capital Finance Services


Practice Area Chair: Jack C. Butler

Representing Those Who Need and Those Who Provide Funding. The ability to secure funds is often necessary for organizations and entrepreneurs for business initiation, growth, diversification, recapitalization, refinancing, or acquisition. Those who provide funding need assistance to act on and assess opportunities – and structure, document, and close transactions. Our Capital Finance Group offers know-how, experience and relationships that are essential to address and meet the needs, opportunities, and legal requirements of clients on either side of a finance transaction.

Finance Transactions

We provide representation on a full range of debt and equity transactions, including:

  • High Yield Debt
  • Private Equity Finance
  • IPOs
  • Investment Grade Bonds
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Private Placements
  • Rights Offerings
  • Angel Funding and Seed Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • Follow On Financing
  • Rule 144A/Reg S
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Commercial/Institutional Lending Finance
  • Collaboration Through JV Arrangements State and Federal Programs

Comprehensive Assistance

Beyond just advising, we assist funding recipients with assessment of their needs and preparing them for the funding activity, structuring the lender or investor funding transaction for the funding recipient or the funding source, introducing clients to funding sources, negotiating the transaction, documenting the transaction, implementation of exit strategies, and closing the deal.


Transactions for which we are typically engaged include business start-ups, company growth and diversification, acquisitions, refinancing, equity buyouts, R&D, and recapitalizations. We also provide IPO services and liquidity planning. Our Capital Finance Group fully utilizes our Firm’s capabilities in the areas of corporate law, tax law, commercial and banking law, securities law, and other legal areas as may be need attention based upon facts specific to the client or transaction.

Client Profile

Our clients include companies or entrepreneurs in need of funding, lenders, investors, arrangers, placement agents, governmental units and agencies, and intermediaries. We recognize that special creativity may be needed and, thus, we do not approach engagements with a canned approach or one-size-fits-all mentality.

Our Mantra

"Make It Happen"