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Amid a constantly evolving technology landscape and a rapidly fluctuating economy, employers must be increasingly vigilant about safeguarding assets. With the onslaught of new and emerging technologies, protection of information is critical. Misuse of that information by employees or competitors often poses the most significant threat to a company’s productivity, profitability, and, in some instances, continued viability.

In addition to the wide range of traditional litigation, consultation, regulatory and compliance services offered by our Employment Law Group, we continually monitor cutting-edge employment issues that affect the technology community. Our attorneys provide comprehensive advice in relation to non-compete, invention, and negative covenant agreements, including non-disclosure and non-solicitation of customers, contractors, employees, and vendors. We analyze and assess our clients’ methods, policies, and procedures for protecting trade secrets and proprietary information, and will prepare policies and procedures addressing the use of email, company phones, social media, social networking, bandwidth usage, telecommuting, conflicts of interest, and off-site working arrangements, as well as agreements for project-based employment, contracting, and volunteer arrangements.

Our attorneys collaborate across working groups to helping you think creatively about compensation arrangements and incentive packages for key employees, including incentive stock options, phantom equity, and stock appreciation arrangements.