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Our business and litigation attorneys collaborate to negotiate or enforce agreements impacting the protection of intellectual property, the development of ideas, vendor transactions, employee mobility, privacy and data security.

The growth of information technology businesses has been matched only by an increase in litigation and arbitration. Valuable trade secrets and intellectual property are at the core of any successful technology business, and protecting those assets in the marketplace, and in court, requires specialization and ongoing education in tech-centric litigation and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

Our attorneys also work together to negotiate or enforce agreements covering all aspects of your business, from the formation of your company to the many legal duties required of your leaders, shareholders, employees, competitors, customers, and all other business partners. Our experience in legal disputes arising from licensing agreements and other breaches of contract, as well as in enforcing the duties required of officers and directors of technology companies, is extensive.

We also provide trademark and copyright protection for your business, ideas and concepts, to protect that intellectual property against infringement by competitors. Our attorneys are also experienced in the growing area of cyber-squatting litigation, which may expose your online presence to improper registration and misuse of internet domain names by others.