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School District Representation


Our goal is to increase and help protect tax dollar revenue for school districts across the State of Ohio.

In an effort to increase real estate tax revenue for school districts, we monitor recent arm’s-length sales of real property located within a school district throughout the year. In mid-January, we compile a list of recent sales upon which we recommend filing an original board of revision (“BOR”) complaint and provide that list to the school district treasurer. We file BOR complaints on properties that the treasurer and board of education instruct us to and represent the district in those BOR sale cases from start to finish, including any appeals to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals, Court of Common Pleas, Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Ohio.

We also help defend a school district’s current real estate tax dollars by filing BOR counter-complaints when a property owner has sought a reduction in real property values. We carefully review evidence presented by the property owner, including appraisal reports, sale documents and financial reports, and make recommendations to a school district as to whether the property warrants a reduction in value. We defend the school district’s tax dollars diligently and reasonably, which can be achieved by obtaining our own appraisal evidence, reaching a settlement with the property owner, or proceeding with a hearing and appeal if necessary.

Additionally, we currently provide ongoing communication and legal expertise to numerous school districts throughout Ohio in the following matters:

  • Determining expected valuations and real estate taxes based upon new construction and timing of such valuations, including new construction impact of the overall carry-over value and obtaining increases in both inside and outside millage on new construction.
  • Monitoring real property tax exemption applications filed by property owners and objecting to said exemption applications when warranted and necessary.
  • Reviewing and negotiating the school district’s position in Tax Increment Financing agreements and Community Reinvestment Areas. 
  • Monitoring, summarizing and, if necessary, lobbying for or against any pending legislation which could impact the school district.