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Family Law Mediation


Family law disputes can be extremely difficult to resolve for many reasons, but primarily because the emotions are often very painful for both parties.

It is generally believed that resolutions to family problems are more meaningful and effective if the people involved in the dispute can reach an agreement without having to involve the courts, judges, magistrates or others who will make decisions on your behalf. For obvious reasons, no one knows your family like you do, and any resolution you can reach with the other person involved in your case is going to be tailored specifically to the circumstances of your family.

Sometimes, however, because of these strong and painful emotions, the individuals directly involved in the conflict are unable to have conversations with each other without the anger, resentment, hurt, sadness, etc., getting in the way. In those cases, a mediator may be able to help you have those conversations so that your issues can still be resolved without having a stranger make decisions for your family after a lengthy and expensive trial in court.

A mediator is not a judge, magistrate or decision-maker. A mediator is a trained, independent, neutral third party who will shepherd you through the conversations that are necessary to resolve your dispute without having to go to court. If the negative emotions begin to get in the way, the mediator is trained to help you get back on track so that your conversations can be productive, rather than destructive.

The family law attorneys at Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP are not only trained mediators in their own right, but they also believe in the mediation process to help reduce costs and increase efficiency for their clients in resolving family problems. If we believe it is possible to involve a mediator in your case so that you do not have to go through a lengthy and expensive trial procedure, we will guide you to the mediators whom we believe can do the best job for your type of case. In addition, other family law attorneys will sometimes involve us as mediators to help resolve cases for their clients.