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Mediation, Collaboration and Early Neutral Evaluation


When working with us on the termination of your marriage, it is important to know that you have options. Though we do not back away from aggressively pursuing your case in court if necessary, we also understand that this is not usually the best way to resolve your conflicts. We are highly trained in negotiating a case prior to filing for divorce so that your marriage can be terminated with a dissolution instead of a divorce.

There are a number of methods we have been trained to use that will put you in the best position of resolving your case without resort to highly expensive and time consuming litigation, These options are often less stressful, less time consuming, and less costly than going through the trial process at court. More importantly, the anger and hostility that are usually present in a litigated divorce are minimized when the couple works toward a peaceful termination of their relationship. These alternatives are also usually much less damaging for the children involved.

We understand that in divorce or dissolution, every family's situation is different and no one solution will be right for everyone. With this in mind, we will work with you to tailor a solution that will best meet your unique needs.


Mediation involves couples working with a neutral, third-party mediator to resolve their issues. The process puts more control in the hands of divorcing spouses and less in the hands of family court judges. Our attorneys have been trained to serve as a third-party mediator or your advocate in the mediation process.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an interest-based negotiation process which focuses on each person's individual interests and post-divorce needs. The divorcing couple and both collaborative attorneys work as a team with an eye toward respectfully communicating and negotiating a resolution to all of the issues involved in their individual case. The collaborative attorneys are so committed to helping the parties resolve their dispute peacefully that they are not allowed to represent their clients in litigation if the marriage is not terminated using the collaborative process. In collaborative law, you also have the option of working with professionals in a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, real estate, mental health and other fields. Collaborative law has been an alternative in Ohio for many years; however, the Ohio legislature recently validated the process by passing legislation allowing couples to go into the collaborative process after a divorce action has already been filed.

Early Neutral Evaluation

We also provide our clients with Early Neutral Evaluation, a service that can spare them significant time and expense. Mr. Delligatti, with more than 30 years of experience as a divorce litigator, handles the Early Neutral Evaluation process for the firm. Given Mr. Delligatti's knowledge and experience, he will meet with both the husband and wife, obtain all necessary and relevant background information and financial data, and give you his opinions regarding potential options for a fair and reasonable settlement of the issues involved in your situation. In this capacity, Mr. Delligatti serves purely as a neutral professional and does not advocate as an attorney for one side or the other. This is a perfect option for those who know they want to settle matters peacefully, but who simply do not know or understand what the options for settlement are with respect to their particular circumstances.