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Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances


At Carlile Patchen & Murphy, we recognize that joint ventures and strategic alliances are common place in today’s business environment and, when properly executed, these types of business arrangements can lead to multiple economic and financial benefits.

Strategic alliances are agreements between two or more businesses who seek to implement a shared strategy or goal. These collaborations take on many forms such as marketing and promotional campaigns, fundraising for technology ventures, research and development concepts, or joint product development projects, just to name a few.

Joint ventures are partnerships usually created by two or more businesses to form a new and separate entity and which each contributes their respective funds, resources or other assets to pursue a combined venture or purpose. Joint ventures are often more long-term in nature and contemplate specific risk and profit sharing. Each business will take an equity stake in the new entity and the structure will clearly define the respective level of participation and management.

The establishment and representation of joint ventures, strategic alliances and the parties involved requires knowledge in a variety of legal areas such as business structure and corporate governance, tax issues, real estate law, oil and mineral rights, intellectual property, labor and employment issues, competition, trade and antitrust issues and marketing strategies and distribution. At Carlile Patchen & Murphy we can help guide you through these areas so that your business is best positioned to realize its objectives when forming a joint venture or entering into a strategic alliance.