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Business Reorganizations


As companies grow they may face a time when they desire to or must undertake a reorganization transaction. The purpose for the reorganization can be to better position the company for any number of changing circumstances or to pursue new opportunities. A common connotation of “reorganization” is that it is financial in nature and is designed to address a situation of financial distress. Our view at Carlile Patchen & Murphy is that such a view is overly narrow and in most cases inaccurate.

Public Officials

The ethical requirements for public employees and public officials have changed dramatically in the last several years in the extent of their coverage and the degree to which they are being enforced. We routinely advise public officials, state employees, and covered board members in regards to their ethical and professional responsibilities and we have represented our clients in matters before the Ohio Ethics Commission, Ohio Elections Commission, the Legislative Inspector General, and the Ohio Inspector General.

Candidates for Public Office

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing candidates, Political Action Committees, and political parties in matters related to Ohio Election Law. We can assist with the filing requirements for candidates and their committees as well as issues related to campaigning and advertising. We have also advised individual contributors in matters related to the complexity of the law. Often, alleged violations of the Election Law will be heard before the Ohio Election Commission but these matters can also find their way into state and federal courts.

Criminal Sanctions

Inquiries or investigations by any of the agencies discussed above may involve the County Prosecutor or the City Prosecutor because many of the regulations carry criminal penalties. These situations require the utmost competency and experience. Carlile Patchen and Murphy has earned an outstanding reputation as a premier firm in representing clients in these difficult situations.