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Corporate Governance


Since the collapse of Enron and WorldCom the concept of corporate governance has taken on a renewed emphasis. The SEC and the various Self Regulatory Organizations have increased the pressure upon officers and directors of both public and private entities to make sure that those entities are properly governed and that the integrity of their financial statements is unquestionable. This emphasis has produced a large number of regulatory changes that place increased burdens on officers and directors of private and public companies alike.

At Carlile Patchen & Murphy, our experienced and involved business attorneys help boards of directors and corporate executives to understand and fulfill their duties to Government Agencies, Self Regulatory Organizations and their shareholders. Our attorneys are seasoned and experienced and willing to offer their guidance both before and after problems arise. In addition, while we are always willing to provide guidance upon request, our seasoned attorneys can help businesses establish policies and procedures that provide a roadmap to assist their officers and directors to better understand and follow their duties even when our attorneys are not present.

With the myriad of regulations imposed by organizations like the SEC, NYSE, NASDAQ and regulatory acts like Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank, boards of directors and executive officers must continuously balance their duties and obligations to the business with the requirements imposed on them by the applicable regulatory framework. Most busy executives and board members simply do not have the time to run a business and keep up on all corporate governance matters even though the consequences of failing to do so may be dire. At Carlile Patchen & Murphy we can help guide busy executives and board members through their regulatory obligations so that your decision makers are positioned to make informed and well reasoned decisions with respect to the operation of your business while still complying with the regulatory requirements.