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There was a time, marked by far fewer laws and regulations than we now have, when agreements were sealed with a hand shake and person’s word was all that was needed for securing a reliable agreement. In today’s complex business and legal environments, meaningful commitments require careful consideration of a broad array of relationship, subject matter, and tax laws. And, a good agreement is the result of thoughtful and purposeful negotiation that is ultimately memorialized in a well-written document.

Well crafted contracts are more than legal niceties. With the assistance of our firm’s capable counsel, our clients are able to engage the process of contract negotiation and formation armed with the necessary understanding of relevant legal considerations and the attendant benefits, risks, and costs. And if there is a default or other material issue that arises after execution of the contract, a well-drafted agreement cannot be under-stated in its importance to the parties in efficiently reaching a resolution of the issue or in enforcing rights.

Types of Contracts

Carlile Patchen & Murphy offers highly skilled lawyers with extensive experience in guiding our clients through the process of analysis, negotiation and formation of their contracts. We assist clients in a broad range of contract matters, including:

  • corporate governance documents: shareholder agreements, buy/sell agreements, close corporation agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements;
  • acquisition documents: asset purchase contract, stock purchase agreements, membership interest purchase agreements;
  • employment related documents: employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, compensation plans, incentive stock options, confidentiality and non-compete agreements;
  • business transactional documents: royalty and licensing agreements, distributorship agreements, franchising agreements, sales contracts, warranties, equipment leases; supplier and customer agreements;
  • real estate agreements: purchase/sale agreements, leases, construction agreements.

Whatever clients need, Carlile Patchen & Murphy lawyers have the legal and business knowledge to help them obtain the most favorable possible outcome.

Franchises and Distributorships

An ever growing number of businesses have realized the opportunities presented for growth through the use of franchise and distribution networks. Far from being uncommon, an astounding number of business opportunities present themselves to entrepreneurs in the form of franchises and distributorships. And, many business owners use a franchise or distributorship to market or represent their products and services.

The laws governing franchises and distributorships have expanded greatly, represented by an extensive array of federal and state laws and regulations that govern the relationships. There are many traps for the unwary. At Carlile Patchen & Murphy our business lawyers have extensive experience in helping our clients with entering into a franchise or distributorship relationship and with the planning and formation of franchise and distributor programs.