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Angel and Venture Capital for Emerging and Growth-Stage Companies



Rapidly growing businesses require creative strategies supported by sound legal advice. We help emerging companies create the legal foundation necessary to raise capital, structure private equity transactions, attract and retain employees, protect intellectual property and contract with industry partners. We represent companies of all sizes, from start-up, emerging growth, to mature companies, who seek funding from the angel and venture capital investment community and favorable governmental and trade-industry sponsored loans. Our resources have helped numerous companies raise millions of dollars in angel and venture capital financing.

We also represent angel funds, venture capital and other private equity firms, and venture-capital-backed companies in all phases of the investment lifecycle, from structuring the offering with individual and institutional investors, creation and review of offering and private placement materials, strategic planning, and protection of investors’ rights. Our business attorneys have extensive corporate and securities-law expertise in private equity offering transactions, including crowd funding aspects under more recent securities laws, IPOs, and mergers and acquisitions. As a result, we can draft, review and negotiate corporate financing documents with such liquidity events in mind, where appropriate. Additionally, we have the necessary experience to handle numerous substantive issues that may arise during the due diligence process, including review of licensing issues, employment matters, litigation, taxation, debt instruments and security, real estate issues and other material agreements.