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When should you contact an estate planning lawyer in Ohio?

There is no magical ‘right time’ to contact lawyers for estate planning in Ohio and the decision will depend entirely on the individual. That being said, it is important to contact an estate planning lawyer sooner rather than later to protect your assets and to make sure that your assets are being put to good use. Not only will it help you maximize your assets, but it also ensures that they are taken care of correctly in the event of your death.

Top five estate planning tips

While there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to estate planning, there are some simple things that everyone should remember:

Plan ahead. Discuss the details of your estate (such as how you want your estate to be distributed) with your family and lawyer. Be open and forthright from the get go and don’t hide any details about your properties, taxes or business when you discuss estate planning with your lawyers.

Draw up a will. A will ensures that your assets are taken care of quickly and efficiently without adding extra costs and stress to your family in the event of your death. Estate planners can help you draw up a detailed will.

Keep all documents safe. Leave copies of your documents with your lawyer and put your own copies in a safe place.

Keep your estate up to date. Meet with your lawyer periodically (about once a year) to ensure that everything is still up to date.

How Carlile Patchen & Murphy can help you

Carlile Patchen & Murphy are estate planning lawyers in Ohio that can help you with asset protection planning, charitable giving planning, lifetime asset transfer strategies and other estate planning needs.

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